Scannable Fake ID Cards that work every time

We're different

Gone are the days of buying your cheaper quality ID’s from a small factory in China. They might work once or twice in a small liquor store but you will eventually get caught out with them.

Our cards are produced in  production-quality factories in Europe allowing us to make ID’s that are indistinguishable from real government-issued IDs

We make extremely high quality Fake ID cards that are tested on all available ID Scanners to guarantee you success

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How It Works

Choose Your State

We offer all 50 US States. Our cards are good enough to use in-state so we suggest to use your real state.

Upload Your Pic​

You can upload a photo taken directly from your smart phone - we use Photoshop to perfect it so there's no need to get a professional photo taken.

Pay Online

Unlike other sellers which make you buy complicated Gift Cards or Western Union - we let you pay within minutes from your phone using Cash App or Zelle.

What sets our Fake IDs apart

Stealth Shipping that's undetectable

Our delivery rate is 99% - we use undetectable shipping methods unrivalled by any of the other Fake ID websites.

Super Simple Payment methods

We offer 4 payment methods - Zelle to Zelle, Cash App to Cash App, Bitcoin & for those who prefer to use cash, we offer Amazon Gift Cards as a payment option.

Security Features perfectly copied

Holograms, UV print, 2D barcodes, 3D barcodes, engraved writing, tactile printing (printing you can feel) - the list goes on. Every security feature of the real ID has been copied onto our product.

Lightning fast turnaround time

We have a dedicated payments team member, Photoshopping team member and a dedicated ID printer to ensure that your turnaround time is 72 hours on average (from when you pay to when it is shipped).

Photoshop Experts working magic

Our designers have over 10 years experience with Adobe Photoshop - this means that no matter the quality of the customers photo, we touch it up to make it look like it was taken at the DMV.

Customer privacy is our priority

None of the other Fake ID websites have a dedicated privacy and security policy like ours - we keep customer data for 30 days only (in case of a re-ship), then we wipe all data from our system so there's no trace of your order.

What You Get

Every order on ScannableFakeID has the following features as a bare minimum:


100% scannable

super high definition

money-back guarantee

Order Your ID Today

Be covered with every purchase with a 100% money-back guarantee at any point up to 90 days after purchase risk-free.

Our Latest States

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